About Us

Olem Shoe Corp. was founded in 1964 as a wholesale shoe company, by shoe lovers, for shoe lovers. We cater to many diverse markets, as you can see in our extensive shoe line, which aims to reflect the styles and preferences of shoe enthusiasts around the globe. All of our shoes are designed with you, our customer, in mind. We consider trend, quality and affordable pricing when designing our shoes, to ensure the ultimate product that you can sell!


800 N.W. 21 Street 

Miami, Fl. 33127

Tel. 305-325-9000 - Toll Free 800-327-7383

FAX: 305-324-5844


Wholesale Trade Showroom

2050 North Stemmons Freeway, #Suite #13056

Dallas, Tx. 75207

Tel: 817-271-8195
E-Mail: theshoeman@aol.com